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Exploring the vital connections between nature’s well-being and our own.

Sweet Success

WRITEN BY Benjamin Tamblyn | 23 Feb 2016


This is the look of elated exhaustion that comes from the completion of an immense challenge. Despite the gnawing blisters and sore muscles, this brave Odyssey student was determined to summit Bali’s Mt. Kintamani volcano. Although this was her very first climbing experience, those steep rocky slopes did not keep her away. Her determination was awe-inspiring as she proceeded to hike onwards and upwards…


The sunrise view from the volcano summit was certainly a significant reward for her efforts, yet the most powerful reward rested in the self-acknowledgment of her own strength and perseverance as she completed her first ever mountain climb!

Website Images

WRITEN BY Benjamin Tamblyn | 23 Feb 2016

We love the images featured on our website, and hope you do too! They are the work of some very gifted photographers, including Djuna Ivereigh and her team, Lia Barrett, and Michael Lawrence.


Balinese Ceremonies

WRITEN BY Benjamin Tamblyn | 23 Feb 2016


A mix of traditional, animistic and Hindu belief systems, the cultural religion of Bali is unique. Living here, it is hard to miss the daily rituals and seemingly constant ceremonies. This album contains only a glimpse of the many different rituals and ceremonies undertaken in Bali – including temple offerings, blessings, dancing and a cremation ceremony ngaben.

Service Learning :: Reef Rehabilitation at West Bali

WRITEN BY Benjamin Tamblyn | 01 Nov 2014

Odyssey Institute works with Reef Check Indonesia to conserve the coral reefs of West Bali National Park. On this service learning project, the students collected pieces of broken living coral and attach them to the hexadomes. The hexadomes provide a safe, stable habitat for coral and fish.

Special thanks to Aramco Schools (Saudi Arabia) and Green School (Bali) for their support of this project.

ISB :: Global Citizenship Week

WRITEN BY Benjamin Tamblyn | 01 Nov 2014

This was a two-part adventure, exploring the people and places of Bali, Indonesia.

An exploration of holistic health

WRITEN BY Benjamin Tamblyn | 01 Nov 2014

This custom-designed educational retreat for students from Green School’s grade 7 took a look at holistic health.

The program was designed by the Odyssey team to compliment the Green School’s green studies curriculum, which for grade 7 students takes “health and healing” as its central theme.

Students were whisked away to the Bali Eco Village in order to spend some quality time together with their teachers and the Odyssey team. A dynamic blend of interactive workshops and creative exercises were used to stimulate thinking around the central concept: HOLISTIC HEALTH.

Small group work, solos, a theatrical productions, forest walks and gender workshops were just some of the elements included. The learning environment was rich, to say the least, as many of the testimonials in this film indicate…