Risk Management

Health and safety is our number one priority.
The Odyssey Institute works diligently to maintain the highest industry standards.

Health and safety is our number one priority. The Odyssey Institute works diligently to maintain the highest industry standards. Our first task in producing comprehensive risk assessments for our activities is to gain an understanding of the environments we will be working in (both physically and culturally), and from this to reduce risk to health and safety as far as is possible. The statements and documents listed here explain our approach to health and safety and risk management.


Additional documents

Risk Management Policy: A detailed break down of our policies and procedures regarding identified risks. pdf

Medical and Non-medical Evacuation Procedures: A detailed overview of our policies and procedures for managing evacuations. pdf

Boat Safety Strategy: A detailed plan for management of all risks associated with small boat use. Contact us for a copy.

Home Stay Risk Management Strategy: A detailed plan for management of risks associated with facilitation of home stay experiences. Contact us for a copy.

BS8848 compliance document: A statement of our compliance with British Standards Institute’s BS8848 Specification for the Provision of Visits, Fieldwork, Expeditions and Adventurous Activities outside the United Kingdom (2007). Download PDF

Leadership Standards Document: This document outlines the minimum standards of competency to which we hold all staff at the Odyssey Institute accountable. It is a vision of how to be and an integral part of our internal professional development strategy. Contact us for a copy.

Code of Conduct: A series of regulations for Odyssey Institute staff outlining what is not acceptable during program facilitation and the subsequent consequences for rule violations. A Code of Conduct for participants is included in the Terms and Conditions. Download PDF.

Health and Safety Report Form: A daily report form for recording activities and observations, etc. Download PDF

Incident Report Form: A template for recording incidents, accidents and near misses. Download PDF

First Aid Kit: The full inventory for our expedition medical supply kits. pdf

Terms and Conditions: A description of our rules governing participation and financial transactions. pdf

Assumption of Risk & Release and Indemnity Agreement (a.k.a. waiver): Signed by all participants (including teachers), this document includes a comprehensive list of all potential risks to client health and safety posed by participation in Odyssey Institute Learning Adventures. pdf


Odyssey Institute’s Approach to Health & Safety

The Odyssey Institute has a seven point health and safety policy which is reproduced below together with notes on how each of these policy points are implemented:

1. Provision of relevant health and safety information to all clients (students, parents, teachers) before their program begins in Bali.

2. Ensuring that appropriate qualified and experienced staff are employed on the project and that all field staff and group leaders are trained in the safe operating procedures.

3. Identification of the risks associated with activities and locations, as well as the development of measures to minimize these risks.

4. Development and implementation of safe operating procedures for each of the activities undertaken.

5. Ensuring there are adequate communication, medical and evacuation procedures in position.

6. Training of all staff in the safe operating procedures, and acquainting them with the medical facilities available.

7. Recording all illnesses, accidents, near-misses or incidents which may have a bearing on health and safety and using this information as part of an ongoing refinement of the operating procedures.